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Tourism, hotel management, Hospitality and event management studies prepares grads for employment  in the largest and most diverse industry in Australia. Tourism is the business of attracting tourists and attending to their needs and expectations. This industry includes transportation, travel brokers and food and lodging, students need to understand related business aspects such as the marketing and management of tourist facilities and destinations. These include government tourism bodies, convention centers, hotels, resorts, theme parks, visitor centers, cruises and airlines. 

Tourism, Hotel management & Hospitality courses at undergrad bachelor degree, postgrad diploma, certificate level in Australian universities are listed below. They include Resort, Tourism and Event management and Culinary Arts.  

  • Where can I study to be to work in the Tourism and Hospitality industry?
  • What does a typical Tourism or Recreation Management job involve ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at Year 12 HSC ?

  • A Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management offers career opportunities in the global tourism industry. Learn  fundamental business skills needed in every type of hospitality business type such as human resources, marketing and Global Cultures and Managing Service.
  • Being a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia, tourism  employs thousands of staff in Hotels, Resorts, Tours, Event Management, Conventions and Conferences fields
  • Overseas students studying for a degree in Tourism may find this qualification useful upon returning to their home country. A degree in Tourism will prepare candidates well for employment in  the Tourism industry in their respective countries.
  • Whilst Tourism is a vital component in the Australian economy, it still faces stiff competition from other countries like New Zealand, Japan, USA, Europe and China. As well, employment is highly dependent on the state of global economy,oil prices, international tourist numbers decline when the global economy slows or when the Australian dollars strengthens against other currencies. However, domestic tourism actually picked up during 2008/9 financial downturn as more Aussies chose to travel within Australia, supporting the local economy and saving some money.

Areas of specialization are:

  • Convention & Event management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Event Management
  • International Tourism management
  • Sport Tourism management
  • Tourism Management
  • Hotel & Resort management
  • Environmental Tourism

Graduates can  find employment in:

  • Conferences and conventions centres
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Hospitality training and consultancy firms
  • Institutional hospitality management
  • Performing and visual arts complexes
  • Private event enterprises
  • State, regional and local tourism organisations
  • Tourism and hotel consultancies
  • Other various aspects of the tourism industry

Hotel Management, Tourism  & Hospitality courses offered here :

New South Wales : NSW

Queensland : QLD

South Australia : SA

Australian Capital Territory: ACT

Victoria :VIC

Western Australia: WA

  • School of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure at Edith Cowan universityECU
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (BCom) at Murdoch Uni
  • Tourism and Event Management /Bachelor of Commerce - Curtin University

Tasmania: TAS

Northern Territory : NT

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