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Veterinary Science, medicine degree courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate master, PhD doctorate research degree levels in Australian universities are listed below. This is relevant if you wish to be a Veterinarian, animal doctor or vet nurse and work in animal health care industry. 

  • Besides ATAR what are the prerequisite Year 12 HSC  subjects  ?
  • Inspired by Dr Harry,  Bondi Vet and James Herriot Watt books such as   ” All creature great and small …” ?
  • Where can I study to be a Vet or veterinary nurse and secure employment in animal welfare area ?
  • Which Australian universities can I study for degree in Veterinary Science ?
  • Veterinary Science medicine degrees provide grads the best preparation for careers in animal health care industry and agriculture, as a veterinarian aka vet or veterinary doctor or veterinary nurse at agricultural related government departments, farming industry, animal shelters or private animal clinics.
  • As agriculture is a vital component of Australian economy, a strong demand for veterinarians and vet nurses in farming areas exist
  • Veterinary medicine is the application of medical, diagnostic, surgical, dental, and therapeutic principles to animals. Animals may include pets, domestic, wildlife and livestock farm based  animals.


Veterinary nursing

Vet nurses are trained to assist veterinarians. There are 2 types of veterinary nurses in Australia. Veterinary Nurses qualified with a one year TAFE Certificate IV in veterinary nursing and Veterinary Nurses who have a TAFE diploma in veterinary nursing. In other countries, Vet nurses are sometimes known as Veterinary technician or technologist or animal health technician.
The University of Queensland has made available a newly created Bachelor of Applied Science, Veterinary Technology Extended major.

Typical admission requirements for Veterinary science :

  • Biology, Chemistry and English proficiency

New South Wales : NSW 

  • Veterinary Science degree : University of Sydney, Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Animal and Veterinary Sciences courses at Charles Sturt Uni : CSU, School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences

Victoria : VIC 

Queensland : QLD

  • College of Public Health, Medical & Veterinary Sciences : JCU 
  • Natural Resources, Agriculture & Veterinary Science courses at University of Queensland :  UQ ,  Faculty of Veterinary Science

Western Australia : WA 

  • Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences courses at School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences : Murdoch University

South Australia : SA 

Typical job activities:

  • render obstetric treatment to animals
  • perform surgery, dressing wounds and setting broken bones
  • provide medical care to animals and administer and prescribe drugs,analgesics and anaesthetics
  • determine presence and nature of abnormal conditions by physical examination, laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging techniques including X-ray radiography and ultrasound participate in programs designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of animal diseases
  • inoculate animals against and testing for infectious diseases and notifying authorities of outbreaks of infectious animal diseases
  • perform autopsiesadvise clients on health, nutrition and feeding, hygiene, breeding and care of animals ( farm and pets)may
  • provide professional services to commercial firms producing biological and pharmaceutical products
  • may specialise in the treatment of a particular animal group or in a particular speciality area such as cardiology, chiropractic, dermatology or critical care


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