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Computer Engineering degrees at undergraduate bachelor, post grad diploma master, Ph.D research degree level at Australian universities are listed below. Australia needs an extra 100,000 information and communications technology workers by 2020 ! 

  • This discipline offers grads attractive job opportunities in Australian IT industry in interesting roles such as Software developer, Computing Engineer, Analyst programmer, IT architect, database administrator, Systems & Business Analyst, Network engineer, Network & System admin and Software testing.
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at HSC Year 12

  • Where may I study to be a Computer Engineer ?
  • What is the difference between a Computer from a Software Engineer ?
  • Computer Systems Engineering holds a significant position in the IT field combining Electronic Engineering and Computer Science. A Computer engineer typically are trained in software design and hardware-software integration in addition to software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers work in many aspects of computing  from microprocessor design, hardware architecture to circuit design.
  • Computer engineering not only focuses on the operation of computer systems but also on integration into larger systems. Computer engineers typical are involved in writing software and firmware for embedded micro-controllers, designing VLSI chips, designing, mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems.
  • Computer engineers also work in robotics research, mechatronics that are highly dependent on using digital electronics to control and monitor electrical systems such as stepper motors, communications, and electronic sensors.

Victoria: VIC

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering  @ Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology : RMIT
  • Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering degree at Monash University


New South Wales: NSW


Queensland: QLD

  • Computer Engineering studies at Griffith University
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering : Queensland Uni  of Technology: QUT


Western Australia : WA

Southern Australia: SA