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There are a few models related to training doctors in Australia. An undergrad-entry program typically last 5 or 6  years and requires secondary school matriculation. Applicants are typically assessed by a combination of secondary school leaving certificate performance, UMAT score and an interview.

  • Where can you study to be a physician or medical doctor ?
  • Besides ATAR,  what  prerequisite subjects must be gained at Year 12 HSC ?

  • Australia is home to several Nobel prize winners in medicine.
  • A university degree in Medicine or Medical Degree is the first step to a good career in the medical, Health Care and Hospital industry and offers good employment opportunities as a doctor, medical officer, physician, surgeon, specialist, medico or medical pathologist alongside nursing staff.
  • Grad medical programs typically last 4 years, and requires the applicant  to have obtained an earlier bachelor degree qualification at a certain level of achievement in addition to aptitude tests and interviews.
  • A commonly employed selection test  is the GAMSAT .
    Medicine courses at undergrad  bachelor, post graduate diploma master, PhD doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. For more courses, have a look here.

Most Australian medical schools confer MB BS degrees on completion of a medicine course. The University of Newcastle confers a B Med. This qualification is equivalent to MBBS, any BMed graduate may practice in any field of Medicine of their own choice including surgery. In Australia, Doctor of Medicine (MD) is an advanced research degree requiring two years’ full time enrolment, compared to a PhD which requires 3 years’ full time enrollment. Off-shore Medical Student’s Guide .

Typical admission requirements for Medicine degree:

  • Chemistry, Biology,  Maths, English proficiency

* Some unis may require completion of a bachelor degree as a prerequisite to admission into medicine.

Medicine is available at these universities:

New South Wales : NSW

  • School of Rural Medicine at Univ of New England : UNE
  • Bachelor of Medicine courses @Uni of Newcastle
  • Medicine at Uni of Sydney
  • Medicine  degree at University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • Medical  studies at Univ of Western Sydney : UWS

Victoria : VIC

Western Australia : WA

  • Medicine & Dentistry course at University of Western Australia : UWA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Medical degrees at University of Tasmania : UTAS

South Australia : SA

Australia wide

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  • Medical school  at Australian National University : ANU


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