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Arts & Humanities

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The Humanities discipline studies the human condition employing methods qualitative, analytic, critical or speculative, differing sharply from the quantitative methods commonly used in natural science.
Subjects include modern & ancient languages, history, philosophy, literature, religion, visual and performing arts such as music and theater. Some subjects are also classified as social sciences are history, anthropology, communication studies, cultural studies, law and linguistics.  


The Arts encompasses a diverse range of culture, comprising various artforms with a common theme, that of expressing human creativity.  Arts pertains to a diverse range of disciplines than art, which in modern terms commonly refers superficially to the visual arts. The other major components of the arts include literary arts, ie. literature and the performing arts: music, dance, theater, opera & movies. Literature and creative writing are actually interchangeable terms.
Humanities & Arts undergraduate bachelor, master or Ph.D degree courses at unis in Australia are grouped under several disciplines :